About the PR Crew Timesheet Entry Form

Use this form to enter time for each of the crews that you set up in PR Crews.

Use this form to enter time for each of the crews that you set up in PR Crews. Using this form is especially useful for companies who enter payroll timecards by job on a daily basis.

Because crew timecards can also be initialized to a timecard batch via PR Timecard Entry the use of this form is optional. However if you use this form, the system will send progress information to JC batches and usage information to EM batches, in addition to PR batches.

Each timesheet you add automatically populates with the standard crew setup from PR Crews; that is the company, job, shift, phases, employees, and equipment. If you require more than the standard eight-phase allowance, you can set up additional phases on subsequent sheets for each crew and date.

You can change any of the existing phases on a timesheet, or if space allows, enter new ones. If you want to update the changes/additions to the crew setup (in PR Crews), you can do so by clicking Update Crew at the bottom of the screen. However, this function is only available on Sheet #1.

Note: The Update Crew process replaces all original phases set up for the crew with the phases defined on the current sheet. It is therefore recommended that you only use this feature if you want to change the original phase setup.

You also have the option to enter progress units for each phase on the timesheet and to specify the cost type to which the progress will be posted. The progress units entered here are updated to Job Cost during the timesheet 'send' process. They can be edited as necessary in JC Progress Entry.


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