About the PR Initialize Crew Timecards Form

A quick way to initialize Employee earnings and equipment usage is to collect and post timecards by crew.

Select File > Initialize Crew on PR Timecard Entry to generate timecard detail based on crews set up in PR Crews. This option is available only for Job timecards; it does not apply to Mechanic or SM Work Order timecards. All entries are fully editable from PR Timecard Entry.

When you use this form, you are bypassing the standard process for entering crew time (see Using Crews to Enter Employee Work Hours for more information). Instead, this form allows you to bring a crew directly into your timecard batch and apply the same job, phase, and, optionally, hours to all crew members.

Once you fill in the Crew, Payment Seq#, Timecard Date, JC Co#, Job, Phase, and Standard Hours fields, click Post to generate timecards for the crew. Each member of the crew is processed, but only active employees currently assigned to the PR Group will post. When complete, a message displays indicating how many crew members were posted. Values may be changed and posted again, but if the values are not changed, duplicate timecards are created.

Note: The initialization process ignores all 'equipment-only' entries defined for a crew (in PR Crews). If you are using crews to initialize timecards, equipment entries must include an employee.

After posting, click Close to return to PR Timecard Entry. All new entries added in PR Initialize Crew Timecards display (unless filtered out).