About the PR My Timesheet Approval Form

Use this form to approve timesheets that have been entered and locked by the employee through the PR My Timesheet form.

When approving timesheets, you can review timesheet information, make any necessary updates, and approve each timesheet record. Once the timesheet is approved, it is ready to be sent on to a payroll processing batch (PR Timesheet Send).

When you access this form, the system defaults to the reviewer ID that you entered when you last accessed the form. All timesheets associated with that reviewer ID display on the Grid tab in the header section of the form. As a reviewer, you can view all locked timesheets that are associated with your reviewer group via a job, project, or employee. You can also view all timesheets that are not associated with a reviewer group by checking the Show Timesheets Without a Reviewer box.

Important: Make sure to set appropriate form security for this form. If users are not assigned a reviewer group at the employee or job level, and they have access to PR My Timesheet Approval, they will be able to approve their own timesheets.

Once you select a timesheet, the associated timesheet lines display in the detail section of the form. Grid records are color-coded so that you can quickly see which timesheets are locked and ready for approval (green); the timesheets that are unlocked and cannot be approved yet (orange); and the items that have been previously approved, but have not been sent to a payroll processing batch (gray).

Approving Timesheets