About the PR My Timesheet Form

Use this form to enter weekly timesheet information.

Depending on the timesheet entry permission setting you were assigned in VA User Profile (My Timesheet Permissions field), this form will function differently: you can either enter your own timesheets or enter your own as well as other employees.

Note: In order for you to access this form, your company must have implemented timesheet entry functionality and your system administrator must assign your system login a timesheet entry permission in VA User Profile.

The form is divided into two sections. Use the header section to create timesheets (using the Grid tab), which include the timesheet start date and timesheet number. The header section also displays the total hours assigned to the timesheet, as well as the total regular, overtime, and double-time hours for the timesheet. These figures display both on the Grid tab and in display fields in the Hours section of the form. Additionally, you can lock the timesheets from the Info tab when they are ready to be reviewed and approved by your manager (in PR My Timesheet Approval).

You will use the detail section of the form to enter daily work information. Each line that you enter represents one week. The type of information that you enter in the detail section includes the hours worked per day, any applicable crafts and classes, the shift, and the appropriate earnings code. The totals for each day of the week display along the bottom of the detail Grid tab.

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