About Timesheet Data/Line Types

When entering timesheets (in PR My Timesheet), additional information will be required depending on the type of timesheet data you are entering (determined by the option selected in the Type field).

There are two types of timesheet data:

  • J-Job - Use this type to enter timesheet data for time worked on a JC job. When selected, fields are enabled to allow specifying the jobs and phases worked on by you or another employee (if entering timesheets for other employees).
  • S-SM Work Order - Use this type to enter timesheet data for work performed on an SM work order (customer or job-related). Employees specified for this type must be set up as technicians in SM Technicians. Selecting this type enables fields that allow you to specify the work orders and scopes worked on by the technician, as well as the pay type for deriving estimated labor costs (on the work order). For job-related work orders, you will also specify the JC cost type that will be used (along with the scope phase) to update costs to the job in Job Cost.

Timesheets entered for an SM work order will generate corresponding work completed labor entries in SM Work Orders (Work Completed tab). Any changes made to the timesheet will be updated to the corresponding work completed record. Likewise, changes made to a work completed labor line in SM will update the corresponding timesheet; however, updates will only occur if you have checked the PR interface box in SM Company Parameters. If the PR interface box is unchecked, no automatic generation or update of timesheets will occur. You will need to manually add or update timesheets or timecards to capture labor hours in PR for SM work orders.

Note: If you edit an existing timesheet record and the corresponding work completed labor line has already been invoiced (sent to AR), changes to the hours in this form will update the Cost Hours on the labor line, but not the Billable Hours. If you change the scope, technician, or work order, the cost information on the work completed line will be set to 0.00 and a new work completed line created.
Note: For Australian and Canadian companies: Entry of time to a non-job SM work order will automatically set the Tax Type to 3-VAT for the work completed labor line in SM Work Orders. The tax code for the work completed line will default from the Service Center or Service Site (depending on the Tax Source specified for the work order) and must be a VAT-type code. For this function to work, the SM company's AR company (defined in SM Company Parameters) must be set up with a Default Country of AU or CA in HQ Company Setup.