Approving Timesheets

You can use PR My Timesheet Approval to review, modify, and approve timesheets that have been entered by employees in PR My Timesheet.

Note: In order to approve timesheets in this form, they must have been previously locked by the employee in PR My Timesheet. Additionally, to review timesheets associated with a reviewer group (via a job, project, or employee), you must be a reviewer in the reviewer group.

The following instructions detail how to approve timesheets using PR My Timesheet Approval.

  1. Enter your reviewer ID in the Reviewer field. Otherwise, accept the default.
  2. Click Refresh.
The system defaults all timesheets associated with the reviewer ID on the Grid tab in the header section.
  3. Select a timesheet record and modify information as necessary.

    For job timesheet data, you can modify the JC Co, Job, Phase, Earnings Code, Shift, Craft, Class, and hours per date (e.g., M XX/XX) fields.

    For SM work order timesheet data, you can modify the SM Co, Work Order, Scope, Pay Type, SM Cost Type, Earnings Code, JC Cost Type (job-related work orders only), Shift, Craft, Class, and hours per date (e.g., M XX/XX) fields.

    Note: If the work order scope specified on the timesheet is closed, changes cannot be made to the Pay Type or SM Cost Type. You can change the scope if necessary, but the new scope must be an open scope.
  4. Check the Approved box for the timesheet record when you are ready to approve it.
The system changes the timesheet record line color from green to gray.
  5. Save the timesheet record as normal.
  6. Repeat steps 3 - 5 for all remaining records.
    Tip: To approve all timesheet records in the grid that are ready for approval (green), click Approve All. The system will then check the Approved box for all green timesheet records. Once checked, the records will be gray.

    If you want to check for timesheets (and lines) that do not have an associated reviewer group, check the Show Timesheets Without a Reviewer box and click Refresh. The system displays all timesheets and lines not associated with a group. You can then review and approve timesheet lines as normal.

    Once you have finished, the timesheets are ready to send to a payroll batch for processing. Payroll personnel will use the PR Timesheet Send form to initiate the send process.