Copy Timesheets

When you are creating timesheets in PR My Timesheet, you may find it easier to create a timesheet based on an existing timesheet.

When copying a timesheet, you will specify the source timesheet and the system will bring over the employee details from the source including the employee name (if you have permission to enter timesheets for other employees), JC company, job, and phase (job timesheets), SM company, work order, scope, cost type, and pay type (SM Work Order timesheet), craft, class, shift, earning codes, and, optionally, the work hours.

The following instructions detail how to create a timesheet based on an existing one.

  1. Create the timesheet using the header section of PR My Timesheet.
  2. Select the timesheet record on the Grid tab.
  3. Select File > Initialize Timesheet.
The system displays the PR My Timesheet Copy form.
  4. In the Start Date field, enter the start date from the timesheet you are copying from.
  5. In the Sheet field, enter the sheet number you are copying data from.
  6. Check the Include Hours box if you want the system to copy the employee work hour information from the source worksheet.
  7. Click OK.
The system copies the timesheet information and displays a confirmation message.
  8. Click Close to return to PR My Timesheet Copy.
  9. Click Close to close PR My Timesheet Copy.

    When you view the new timesheet details, the system has copied the information that you specified in PR My Timesheet Copy. You can now modify that information as necessary, or add new timesheet details. If you are an employee entering personal timesheet information, see Entering Personal Timesheet Details for more information. If you are a foreman/manager entering timesheet information for your employees, see Entering Employee Timesheet Details for more information.