Create a Timesheet

Create a timesheet in PR My Timesheet.

When your organization has implemented timesheet entry, you can use PR My Timesheet to enter timesheet information for yourself or, if you are a foreman/manager, enter timesheet information for your employees.

Prior to entering timesheet data (e.g., hours worked per day, job, phase, etc.), you must first create the timesheet.Timesheets are created using the header section of the PR My Timesheet form. Timesheet information includes the start date for the timesheet, as well as a sheet number. The following instructions detail how to create a timesheet in PR My Timesheet.

  1. On the Grid tab, enter the timesheet start date in the Start Date field.
    Note: The day fields on the detail Grid update with dates relative to the start date you enter in the Start Date field, in the following format: first letter of the day of the week plus Month/Day. For example, if you enter 9/01/XX as a start date (and it is a Monday), the Day One field in the detail Grid will change to M 9/1.
    Tip: If the start date is today's date, enter a T in the Start Date field and then tab or enter off of the field.
  2. Enter a number for the timesheet in the Sheet field.
  3. Save the record.
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 to create additional timesheets, if necessary.

    Once you have created the timesheet, you can enter timesheet details. If you are an employee entering personal timesheet information, see Entering Personal Timesheet Details for more information. If you are a foreman/manager entering timesheet information for your employees, see Entering Employee Timesheet Details for more information.