Enter Crew Time

You can use the PR Crew Timesheet Entry form to enter daily time for the crews that you set up in PR Crews.

The following instructions detail how to enter time for a crew.

  1. Enter the name of the crew in the Crew field. Press F4 for a list of crews.
  2. Enter the date for the timesheet in the Date field.
  3. Enter the sheet number in the Sheet # field.
When you tab off this field, the system defaults the job company, job, phase and shift information for the crew from PR Crews.
  4. Modify the information in the JC Co#, Job, or Phase fields, as necessary.
    Tip: If you modify the information and want to save it to the crew record in PR Crews, save the record and click Update Crew. The system then updates the crew record with all changes that you make to this form.
    Note: You can enter up to eight phases on this form. If you need to add more phases for this date, create a new sheet for the crew and specify the additional phases there.
  5. In the Cost Type field for each phase, enter the cost type for posting progress units for this phase. Press F4 for a list of valid cost types.
  6. In the Units field for each phase, enter the progress units for this phase, as necessary.
    Note: The progress units that you enter here update for this phase/cost type in a JC Progress batch when this timesheet is sent (PR Timesheet Send).
  7. Using the Employee Hours tab, enter time for each crew member.
  8. Enter equipment usage on the Equipment Usage tab, if necessary.
  9. On the Other Job Earnings tab, you can add other employees that are not on the crew to a job/phase, or you can enter additional job earnings, such as subsistence expense reimbursements, etc. See Entering Other Job Earnings for Crew Timesheets for more information.
  10. On the Non-Job Earnings tab, enter any other type of earnings that you do not typically post to the job (e.g., paid time off).
  11. When finished, save the record and click Lock/Send. This locks the timesheet (disabling all fields) and it is now ready for approval or for sending to a timecard (job, equipment) batch.
Once you click Lock/Send, the form displays "Awaiting Approval" in red at the header level of the form.
    Note: If you want to unlock the timesheet and edit any details, click Unlock/Edit to enable the fields. When you are finished editing the details, click Lock/Send again to prepare the timesheet for approval or sending.

    You can now approve crew timesheets, if necessary, and send crew timesheets to PR, JC, and EM batches using PR Timesheet Send.