Enter Equipment Usage for Crew Timesheets

When entering crew time in PR Crew Timesheet Entry, you can use the Equipment Usage tab to enter usage amounts for any pieces of equipment associated with crew members.

When you first access this tab, the grid displays a record for each piece of equipment assigned to a crew member. You can enter usage time (for each job/phase), revenue codes, and cost types for each piece of equipment, as well as add additional pieces of equipment as necessary.

Note: The Equipment Usage tab does not initially default with revenue code or cost type fields for each job/phase. To display revenue code or cost type fields, select the appropriate option from the Options menu. See Setting Display Options for Crew Timesheets for more information.

The following instructions detail how to enter equipment usage for crew timesheets.

  1. Once you have specified the crew in PR Crew Timesheet Entry, select the Equipment Usage tab.
 Equipment associated with crew members displays on the grid.
  2. If you have entered time for employees associated with equipment, click Initialize Usage.
 The system updates the Usage fields with the hours you posted on the Employee Hours tab.
    Note: When you initialize usage, the system sums the regular, overtime, and double time hours posted for each employee assigned to a piece of equipment. The system then calculates the usage units based on the units percentage specified for the equipment and employee in PR Crews (UsagePct field, Crew Members tab). For example, if the employee has 8 regular hours and 2 overtime hours, and the UsagePct field usage percent is set to 60.00, the usage units will be 6.00 (8.00 + 2.00 x .60).
  3. If you have not entered time for an employee associated with the equipment, enter the usage time in the Usage field for each job/phase on the grid.
  4. Enter any applicable revenue codes in the Rev Code field for each job/phase. Press F4 to see a list of valid revenue codes.
  5. Enter any applicable cost types in the Cost Type field for each job/phase. Press F4 to see a list of valid cost types.
  6. Save the record as normal and repeat steps 1-4 for all other pieces of equipment, as appropriate.
  7. You can add additional pieces of equipment to the grid as necessary. Enter an employee name in the Employee field to associate the usage with an employee.
    Tip: If you want to associate the additional piece of equipment to a crew member, enter an employee number in the Employee field and click Update Crew on the Info tab. The system updates the information to PR Crews by adding an additional sequence number for that employee with equipment information defaulting in the EMCo, Equipment, Equip Desc, RevCode, and UsagePct fields on the Crew Members tab.