Enter Other Job Earnings for Crew Timesheets

When entering crew time in PR Crew Timesheet Entry, you can use the Other Job Earnings tab to enter other job earnings such as subsistence, expense reimbursements, etc.

You can also enter temporary employees or other non-crew employees onto the crew's jobs/phases. Earnings posted here are also posted per employee/phase; however you must enter employees manually, as they do not default from PR Crews.

The following instructions detail how to enter equipment usage for crew timesheets.

  1. Once you have specified the crew in PR Crew Timesheet Entry, select the Other Job Earnings tab.

  2. Enter the employee number in the Employee field. Press F4 to see a list of employees. You can only enter employees who share the same payroll group as your crew members.
  3. In the Craft field, enter a craft if necessary. Press F4 to see a list of valid crafts.
    Note: The Craft field does not display automatically. To view this field select Options Craft. See Setting Display Options for Crew Timesheets for more information.
  4. If you specified a craft, enter a class in the Class field. Press F4 to see a list of valid classes.
  5. Enter the hours worked for the other job earnings in the Hrs/Amt field for each job/phase.
  6. Save the record as normal and repeat steps 1-5 for any additional employees.