Enter Time for Crew Members

You can use the Employee Hours tab on PR Crew Timesheet Entry to enter working time for individual crew members.

On this tab, you can enter regular, overtime, and doubletime hours for each job/phase that you specified for the crew.

Note: The Employee Hours tab initially defaults only with regular hours fields displaying for each job and phase. To display overtime or doubletime hours fields, select the appropriate option from the Options menu. See Setting Display Options for Crew Timesheets for more information.

The following instructions detail how to enter time for crew members.

  1. Once you have specified the crew in PR Crew Timesheet Entry, select the Employee Hours tab.
The crew members display on the grid.
  2. Enter the hours worked for the employee in the Reg Hrs field for each job/phase on the grid.
  3. If the employee worked overtime, enter time in the OT Hrs field for each applicable job/phase.
  4. If the employee worked doubletime, enter time in the Dbl Hours field for each applicable job/phase.
  5. Save the record as normal and repeat steps 1-4 for all other crew members, as appropriate.
  6. You can add additional employees to the grid, as long as they belong to the same payroll group as your crew.
    Tip: If you want to add the additional employees to your crew, click Update Crew on the Info tab. The system will add the employees to the crew on the PR Crews form. The Update Crew button is only available from the first timesheet.