Send Timesheets

You can use the My Timesheets tab in PR Timesheet Send to send approved, employee-entered timesheets to payroll timecard batches for processing.

You can pull in timesheets by PR group, as well as restrict by timesheet start date.

Once you pull timesheets into this form, the grid displays all timesheets meeting the selection criteria. The grid displays the following timesheet information: the employee who entered the timesheet, the entry employee name, the timesheet start date, sheet number, the user who created the timesheet, the timesheet status, and any errors that occur during sending.

You can then send the timesheets to a PR processing batch. When doing this, you must specify a payroll ending date to apply to the timesheets, as well as a pay sequence. You can also restrict the batch to your login and disallow access for others.

See Entering Timesheets for more information on employee-entered timesheets.

The following instructions detail how to send timesheets to PR processing batches using PR Timesheet Send.

  1. Select the My Timesheets tab.
  2. Enter the payroll group in the PR Group field. Press F4 for a list of valid payroll groups.
  3. Enter a date for limiting timesheets in the Include Timesheets through Start Date field, as necessary.
    Note: If you do not enter a date in this field, all approved timesheets for the specified group that are ready to be sent will appear in the grid.
  4. Click Refresh Grid.
All timesheets meeting the selection criteria display in the grid.
  5. Review the timesheets as necessary.
  6. Enter the payroll ending date that the timesheets should be associated with in the PR Ending Date field.
  7. Enter the payroll pay sequence that the timesheets should be associated with in the PR Pay Seq field.
  8. Check the Restricted Access box if you want access to the created payroll batches to be limited to your system login.
  9. Click Send.
The system displays a confirmation message.
  10. Click Close.
The system creates a payroll timecard batch and removes the timesheet records from the grid.
    Note: If there are any errors with the send process, the grid displays a description of the error in the Send Errors field and the timesheet line turns orange. To fix errors with the timesheet record, use either PR My Timesheet or PR My Timesheet Approval.

    You can now post payroll timecards as normal.