Using Crews to Enter Employee Work Hours

Crews identify groups of employees and/or equipment that commonly work together.

You can set up a crew in Vista™ so that you can assign labor and usage hours to jobs/phases for multiple employees and pieces of equipment at one time. Once you enter crew time you can review/approve timesheets and then send them to a payroll processing batch. Additionally, when sending timesheets to a payroll batch, you can also post progress to JC batches and usage to EM batches at the same time.

The following instructions provide an overview of how to use crews to enter employee work hours (as well as progress units and equipment usage).

  1. Set up your crews using the PR Crews form. If you want timesheets to be approved before they are sent to a processing batch, make sure that you check the Timesheets Require Approval box.
  2. Process daily crew timesheets using the PR Crew Timesheet Entry form. Using this form you can enter: daily employee hours for specific jobs/phases; equipment usage; other, miscellaneous earnings associated with a job; earnings that are not associated with the job/phase; and update any progress units as necessary.
  3. After you enter all applicable details on the PR Crew Timesheet Entry form, click Lock/Send to lock the timesheet for review/approval and sending.
  4. If you are reviewing and approving timesheets, the reviewer will use the PR Crew Timesheet Approve form to review and approve timesheets.
  5. Once approved, you can use the PR Timesheet Send form to send crew timesheets to a PR batch for processing.
  6. You can review the timesheet information using PR Timecard Entry or you can use PR Batch Process to automatically process the batch.
  7. You can then continue to process payroll as normal.