Equipment Depreciation Using Third-Party Software

If you are using a third-party depreciation package, you can upload text files generated by your depreciation software into EM using the Import module.

The Import programs are designed to work with FAS® (Fixed Asset Accounting Software from Sage Software). They will also work with other packages that allow export to an ASCII text file, as long as they contain compatible information.

Using the Import programs, you can add, edit, and delete uploaded data as necessary, and then update the data to EM and GL. These programs are:

  • IM Template Header

  • IM Template Record Types

  • IM Template Detail

  • IM Import Form

  • IM Cross Reference Header

  • IM Cross Reference Detail

  • IM Work Edit

  • IM Upload

Templates allow you to define the information necessary to import your depreciation data. These templates must be set up before any data can be imported. Cross-reference codes are set up in IM Cross Reference, and are then linked to the templates. Cross-references must be set up to create an association between foreign asset numbers and equipment numbers or to asset numbers that have been set up in EM Asset Setup.

If using third-party depreciation, setting up assets in EM Asset Setup is optional. You may choose to do this if you need more than a single depreciation expense account or accumulated depreciation account for each department. Otherwise, the upload will use the accounts set up in EM Departments.

Once you have created the necessary text files—according to your software’s guidelines—the text files can then be imported using IM Import. Once imported, you can use the IM Work Edit program to review and edit the data. Incorrect or missing data is highlighted in red, so it is easy to locate and correct. Once the entries are reviewed and edited/corrected as necessary, you can then upload them to EM and GL using IM Upload. It is important to note that data cannot be updated until all listed errors have been corrected.

For more information about the Import programs, see Imports Overview.