About the EM Meter Reading Adjustment Form

Use this form to make adjustments to posted odometer and/or hour meter readings.

You can open this form from EM Equipment by selecting File > Meter Reading Adjustments.

Note: The use of this form is intended for corrections/adjustments to meter readings posted in a GL period that has been closed. You can use this form to correct/adjust meter readings posted in open GL periods; however, it is not recommended, since validation for this form differs from the standard form used for posting meter readings (EM Meter Readings).

The upper section of this form is used to select the equipment, meter reading type, and date range for which to pull in existing meter reading transactions. You can further restrict the transactions displayed in the grid by entering a specific month in the Mth field. Additionally entering a transaction number (in the Trans field) will clear the grid of all transactions except the one you specified.

Once the grid displays the desired meter reading(s), you can either change the readings individually in the grid or use the Meter Grid Update section (below the grid) to update multiple reading simultaneously. The manual method is typically useful when adjusting a couple of readings. However, if you need to delete one or more readings, or you need to update multiple readings, use the Meter Grid Update feature.

Note: If multiple readings exist on the same day for a piece of equipment, using this program to update meter readings can cause some unintended results. It is therefore recommended that you consolidate the readings into one transaction, and delete the remaining transactions for that day. Make sure you review the meter readings for each transaction posted on that day to determine the highest odometer and hour meter readings between all transactions. Then enter those values for the reading you are keeping. When deleting the remaining transactions for that day, use the Mth and Trans field to delete each transaction individually. This will ensure that you only deleting the transactions you need to delete.

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