About the EM Miles By State/ EM Kilometers by State/EM Kilometers by Province Form

Use this form to post mileage by state/province.

Posting mileage is useful for creating IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) reports or other required state/province reports. You can access this form from the EM Programs menu or by selecting File > Miles by State from EM Meter Readings or EM Fuel Posting .

The title of this form differs depending on the Default Country specified in HQ Company Setup. Titles are as follows:

  • United States - EM Miles by State
  • Australia - EM Kilometres by State
  • Canada - EM Kilometres by Province
Note: This is a stand-alone form; that is, it pulls information from and updates itself (via the EMSM and EMSD tables). Therefore, when entering a new record, the Begin Odo field will default the End Odo reading from the 'miles by state' posting, rather than the current odometer reading from EM Equipment (EMEM). If you have replaced the odometer, it is suggested that you post a single entry to bring the Begin Odo current with the last reading taken before the meter was replaced. Then post another entry to manually reset the Begin Odo reading to whatever the new meter was at the time of replacement and the End Odo to the meter's current reading.


Use the header section to specify the equipment for which you are posting mileage, the reading date, and the equipment’s beginning and ending odometer readings. The system uses the odometer readings to determine the Total Miles (displayed above header) posted to the equipment for the current transaction.


This section allows you to enter the individual usage transactions. In addition to the usage date, you specify the state to which the mileage applies, the miles driven with a full load, the miles driven unloaded, and the miles driven off road (section of road not considered a main highway or thoroughfare, such as a logging road). If the state for which you are posting mileage does not require a breakdown of loaded vs. unloaded miles, you can enter both loaded and unloaded mileage in the ‘Loaded’ field.

When entering the mileage for each line (loaded, unloaded, and off-road), you will note that the ‘Undistributed’ value (above the line section) reflects all previously entered lines. Initially, this amount will default the Total Miles for the equipment. As you enter and save each line, the combined total of loaded, unloaded, and off-road mileage for that line is subtracted from 'Undistributed' amount, with the result being the number of miles that have yet to be distributed (accounted for). You can enter as many lines as necessary to distribute the total mileage. When you are ready to post the batch, if the ‘Undistributed’ amount does not equal 0.00, a message displays indicating that there are undistributed or over-distributed miles left in the batch. You have the option to ‘cancel’ the operation and return to the batch to correct the error (recommended) or to continue processing the batch. If you click ‘Cancel’, the EM Batch Warnings window displays, providing a list of the sequences in the batch that are out of balance. Information shown includes the equipment, total miles, and undistributed amount.

Once you have entered the mileage for all applicable equipment, you can post the batch (EM Batch Process) as normal. Since the system only uses this information for reporting purposes, mileage entered here will not update equipment odometers.