About the EM Location Transfer Form

Use this form to record job transfers and location transfers on a single piece of equipment.

If you are transferring many pieces of equipment from one job or location to another, use the EM Mass Location Transfer v11 form.

When entering a transfer, you can specify the company, job, and/or location to which you are transferring the equipment, as well as the date and time of transfer. Because you have the option to enter transfer times, you can track multiple transfers of a piece of equipment for each date. It is strongly suggested that you enter transfer times if you are using the EM Automatic Usage feature to process automatic usage posting, since the system will automatically charge equipment usage to jobs based on the length of time the equipment is located on the job.

If the equipment to transfer has attachments, the attachments are automatically transferred with the equipment. In the EM Location Transfer form, you can manage the transfer of attachments by adding new attachments, editing attachments, or deleting existing attachments.

Each time you transfer a piece of equipment, the system saves a history record to a table that tracks all movement of the equipment. A record is also saved for the transfer of each attachment. When you need a piece of equipment for a given category, you can run a report to show the current location of the equipment. This is important for the completion of work orders, as the location of the equipment is essential when standard maintenance is required on a piece of equipment. The system also updates the current job and location fields in the equipment record (EM Equipment), which is important if you are using the ‘Restrict Usage to Current Job’ option in EM Categories. Current job and location information must be kept up to date to enable usage posting.

Transferring Equipment to a Job/Location