About the EM Mass Location Transfer v11 Form

Use this form for mass transfers of equipment from one job/location to another.

For example, if a trailer returns with all the tools used on a job, you can use this form to transfer the trailer and tools with a single entry. If the equipment to transfer has attachments, the system automatically transfers the attachments as well.

When entering a mass transfer, you select the equipment to transfer based on search criteria and then specify the new job/location for the equipment and the date and time of the transfer. While the transfer time is optional, it is recommended that you enter the time if you are using the EM Automatic Usage feature to process automatic usage posting. The system automatically charges equipment usage to jobs based on the length of time the equipment is located on the job.

Important: If you are using both ‘auto usage’ and ‘manual usage’ functionality on the same piece of equipment, you should use the EM Location Transfers form.

Once you initiate the transfer process, the system automatically updates the current job and location fields in the equipment records, which is important if you are using the Restrict Usage to Current Job option in EM Categories. Current job and location information must be kept up to date to enable usage posting. In addition, the system creates transfer records in EM Location Transfer; this allows you to edit the transactions if necessary.

Transferring Multiple Pieces of Equipment to a Job/Location