About Transferring Attachments/Components

Transferring Attachments

When you transfer a piece of equipment, any attachments to the equipment are automatically transferred.

The system creates a separate transfer record for each attachment. Therefore, if you modify or delete the transfer record for a piece of equipment, you must manually modify or delete the matching transfer records for the attachments.

The system displays equipment attachments for transferring in the Attachments tab of EM Location Transfer. In the Attachments tab, you can add attachments, remove attachments, or modify the transfer date/time of existing attachments. See Related Topics below for information on adding, modifying, and deleting attachments.

You can transfer attachments separately (i.e. without transferring the primary piece of equipment) by specifying an attachment as the equipment to transfer on the Info tab. When you specify an attachment as the equipment to transfer, the system detaches the attachment from its primary equipment during the transfer. If you do not want to detach the attachment, you must transfer the primary piece of equipment to maintain the relationship between the primary equipment and the attachment.

Transferring Components

If a piece of equipment that you are transferring has components, the system will transfer the components with the equipment. Unlike attachments, you cannot transfer components individually from one location or job to another; however, you can transfer them from one piece of equipment to another using EM Component Transfer.

When you transfer a component to another piece of equipment, all of its cost and repair history goes with it. All of the information about the transfer is recorded in the Component History (EMHC) file.