Edit Attachments

You can edit attachments to a piece of equipment in the Attachments tab of the EM Location Transfer form.

You might edit an attachment if you want to add a transfer memo or change the date/ time of the attachment transfer.

Note: By default, the attachment transfer date/time is the same as the date/time of the primary equipment transfer.

To edit an attachment:

  1. In the EM Location Transfer form, click the Attachments tab.
  2. To edit the memo for the transfer, double-click in the Memo field and enter a memo for the transfer. The memo can include up to 60 characters.
  3. To change the date/time of the attachment transfer, select the Override Date Time check box.
  4. In the Date field, enter a new date for the attachment transfer; in the Time field enter a new time for the attachment transfer.

    The date and time of the attachment transfer must be later than the date and time of the primary equipment transfer.

  5. Save the record.