Hilti ON!Track Integration with Vista

The Hilti ON!Track integration with Vista streamlines and automates the equipment management process, allowing for precise tool tracking and allocating tool use and costs to a job.

Important: Hilti ON!Track Integration Requirements: In order to use this integration, you must use the current cloud-hosted deployment of Vista with the Vista Equipment Management module implemented.

With this integration, employee, equipment, and location data that already exists in Vista transfers to Hilti ON!Track. Hilti ON!Track records and tracks tool movements between locations and employees, and these changes automatically update in Vista. Hilti ON!Track calculates the time tools and equipment spend at job sites and transfers this data in the form of allocated job costs to Vista.

The following tables outline the data transfers and direction of data flow that occur when using the integration.

Table 1. Data Transfers From Vista to Hilti ON!Track
Vista FormHilti ON!Track Tab
PR EmployeesEmployees
EM EquipmentAssets

EM Locations

JC Jobs

Table 2. Data Transfers From Hilti ON!Track to Vista
Hilti ON!Track TabVista Form
TransferEM Location Transfer

For more detailed mapping of the specific data transfers between Vista and Hilti ON!Track, see Vista and Hilti ON!Track Data Transfers.

For more information about the Hilti ON!Track integration with Vista, contact your consultant.