Vista and Hilti ON!Track Data Transfers

The flow of data between the two products is currently one directional. The following sections outline the data flow and matched data fields.

Data Flow From Vista to Hilti ON!Track

The following tables match forms and fields in Vista to the integrated pages and fields in Hilti ON!Track.

Important: After completing the integration setup, create new employee, location, or equipment records in Vista only. If you create or edit them in Hilti ON!Track, these records will not be linked or tracked.
Table 1. Data Transfers From Vista PR Employees to Hilti ON!Track Employees
Vista PR EmployeesHilti ON!Track Employees
LastLast Name
FirstFirst Name
EmailNotification Email
Note: In Hilti ON!Track, a location Type set to Location Group will be a new record and will not be mapped to a warehouse or job in Vista.
Table 2. Data Transfers From Vista EM Locations to Hilti ON!Track Locations
Vista EM LocationsHilti ON!Track Locations
Active check boxLocation State
Note: In Hilti ON!Track Locations, the Name and Location State fields consolidate job and equipment location fields from Vista EM Locations and Vista JC Jobs.
Table 3. Data Transfers From Vista JC Jobs to Hilti ON!Track Locations
Vista JC JobsHilti ON!Track Locations
Job StatusLocation State
Note: All new pieces of equipment created in Vista will display in Hilti ON!Track, populating Location and Responsible Employee fields with the default values entered during setup.
Table 4. Data Transfers From Vista EM Equipment to Hilti ON!Track Assets
Vista EM EquipmentHilti ON!Track Assets
Equipment CodeInventory Number
VIN/Serial #Serial Number
Ownership StatusOwnership Type

Data Flow From Hilti ON!Track to Vista

The following table matches the page and fields in Hilti ON!Track to the integrated form and fields in Vista.

Table 5. Data Transfers From Hilti ON!Track Transfer to Vista EM Location Transfer
Hilti ON!Track TransferVista EM Location Transfer
LocationJob or Location
Note: Equipment location data can be transferred to either a job or location in Vista.
Set Transfer DateDate

For more information about the Hilti ON!Track integration with Vista, contact your consultant.