Transferring Multiple Pieces of Equipment to a Job/Location

You will use the EM Mass Location Transfer v11 form to transfer multiple pieces of equipment from one job or location to another.

To transfer multiple pieces of equipment:
  1. Open the EM Mass Location Transfer v11 form.
  2. In the Show Equipment Assigned To section, specify criteria for the pieces of equipment you want to transfer. You can restrict selection based on company, job, location, category, department, shop, and/or PR Co and operator. If you leave any field blank, all values for the field are included in the search. For example, if you leave the Location field blank, the search will include all locations. You can also select to include 'down' equipment in the search.
  3. Click Equipment Refresh to display equipment that meet the search criteria.
  4. In the Equipment selection pane, select the equipment to transfer.
    • To select all equipment, click Add All
    • To select equipment consecutively, press the Shift key, select the desired equipment, and click Add
    • To select equipment randomly, press the Ctrl key, select the desired equipment, and click Add
  5. In the Transfer To section, specify the transfer in date and time, and the company, job, and location to which you are transferring the equipment.
  6. If applicable, use the Est Out Date field to specify the date you estimate the equipment will be transferred from the new job/location to another job/location.
    Important: If you use the automatic usage posting feature and you selected the Use Est Out Date check box for a category or piece of equipment on a usage posting template that is associated with the job to which you are transferring the equipment, entry in this field is required.
  7. Click Initialize Transfer.

    You can repeat this process as many times as needed by changing the selection criteria and clicking Refresh. The system clears the existing Equipment list and repopulates the list based on the new selection criteria. You can then add additional items to the Equipment to Transfer list as needed.

    To remove items from the Equipment to Transfer list, you can double-click on a single piece of equipment, select one or more pieces of equipment and click Remove, or remove all equipment by clicking Remove All.