About Audit Reports

The next step in batch processing is to validate the information in the batch by clicking the Validate button. The program runs through all the data in the batch, and creates Audit Reports that you can preview and/or print before you proceed with posting the batch.

  • Batch List – Prints the entries in the batch in sequence order. As long as entries exist in the batch, you can print this report.

  • Job Cost Distribution – Prints the EM Job Cost Distribution List showing JC company/job, equipment, revenue code, work units, work unit of measure, time units, unit cost, and total cost detail.

  • Inventory Distribution – Prints the EM Inventory Distribution List, showing the equipment, cost code, cost type, material, IN location, posted unit of measure, units sold, and unit price.

  • GL Acct Distribution – Prints the EM GL Distribution List showing GL account update information at the summary or detail level.

  • Error List – Lists the sequence number and error message for entries where errors were found during the validation process. You will need to correct the errors before you can post the batch.

It is recommended that you print the audit lists before posting a batch because once you post the batch, the audit lists are no longer available.

Note: Users who have access to batch processing forms do not automatically have access to the related audit reports. It is recommended that if they will be processing batches, you give them access to the related audit reports using VA Report Security. If users do not have access, they will receive an error message when trying to preview/print those reports to which they do not have access. In addition, if using the ‘Attach Batch Report to HQ Batch Control’ feature (assigned in EM Company Parameters), restricted access to one or more audit reports will prevent the user from posting the batch.