About Processing Allocations

Once you have entered the necessary criteria, click the Show Basis button to see the total basis amount on which the allocation amount will be calculated.

If the allocation basis is ‘Costs’ (as defined in EM Allocation Codes), the basis amount will be the total costs posted for the equipment, departments, and categories specified.

When you are ready to process the allocation, click the Process button. Once processed, you receive a message indicating that allocations have been successfully added to your batch and that you can edit the entries in the cost adjustments program. When you close the window, focus returns to the form, allowing you to process additional allocations as necessary. If the allocations could not be processed, a message displays giving you the reason(s) why.

When processing cost allocations, the system creates cost-adjusting entries for the equipment, cost code, and cost types specified in the allocation setup. It then adds these entries to an open batch and flags them with an EM Type of “A” (Adjustment), so that they are easily distinguished from other cost adjustments in the system. If needed, you can access and edit the adjusting entries in EM Cost Adjustments before posting and purging the batch.