About Refreshing / Clearing Criteria / Clearing Batch

Buttons in the EM Fuel Initialize form, accessible from the EM Fuel Posting form

The Clear Criteria button allows you to clear all current criteria, as well as entries in the grid. Entries for which you have already entered units, hours, or miles will remain intact in the batch; only the grid is cleared. If you enter new criteria and click Refresh, the system pulls existing entries back into the grid along with any new entries meeting the specified criteria.

TheClear Batch button allows you to clear the batch of all current entries. Clearing the batch also clears the filter criteria and all grid entries. This will allow you to start fresh with new criteria.

When you have completed adding and modifying grid entries, click the Close button to initialize the entries to the batch. You can then edit the entries as needed in the EM Fuel Posting form.


Initialize Fuel Usage Transactions