About Revenue Templates

EM provides a template feature that allows you to set up revenue rates that are specific to each job.

When you set up a template (EM Revenue Template), you indicate whether to use a specific override rate or a percent of the standard revenue rates (set up in EM Revenue Rates by Category or EM Revenue Rates by Equipment) when posting usage. Override rates defined on a template can be specific to each piece of equipment or to the equipment category.

Once set up, you can assign templates to jobs in EM Job Templates. When you post equipment usage, the system checks the job for a revenue template. If a template exists, the system checks for an override rate at the category or equipment level. If one exists, it will use the rate specified. If no override rate exists, the standard revenue rate is used.

Updates to Meters, Job and Location

When posting equipment usage, updates to equipment meters (odometer and hour meter), meter reading dates, job, and location (in EM Equipment) will depend on the update options selected for equipment usage in EM Company Parameters (Updates tab). Updates to equipment hour meters will also depend on how you have set the ‘Update Hour Meter’ for revenue codes in EM Revenue Rates by Category or EM Revenue Rates by Equipment. For more information about update options, see Related Topics below.

Note: Because equipment can exist in multiple usage batches simultaneously, be aware that the current odometer and hour readings displayed in this form may not accurately reflect the readings already entered in open batches.