About the EM Add Transaction to Batch Form

Use this form to add previously posted transactions to an open batch.

It is only accessible by selecting the Add Transaction option from the File menu of the following forms:

  • EM Cost Adjustments

  • EM Fuel Posting

  • EM Maintenance Timecard Entry

  • EM Meter Readings

  • EM Miles by State

  • EM Usage Posting

  • EM Work Order Parts Posting

The transactions available to add to a batch will differ depending on the batch month. For example, you can only add a transaction previously posted in 05/08 to an open batch with a batch month of 05/08.

Once you select the desired transaction, click the Add to Batch button. A message displays indicating the transaction was successfully added and allowing you the option to add another transaction. You can repeat this process for as many transactions as you need. Click No when you have finished adding transactions.