About the EM Cost Adjustments Form

Use this form to enter equipment cost transactions.

If you use all the other methods for entering costs (i.e. mechanic’s timecards, fuel posting, AP invoices, etc.), you will seldom need to use this program. If you do need to adjust equipment costs for any reason, this program makes it convenient and makes the appropriate GL entries.

Typically, you will enter cost adjustments to:

  • offset incorrect postings interfaced from another module that can no longer be corrected in that module (e.g. correction to a mechanics’ payroll costs after the payroll is closed)

  • post additional costs that cannot be entered in other modules, such as equipment insurance costs that you choose not to enter through Accounts Payable

  • make month-end accruals for reversal in a subsequent month

  • make changes to the system-generated cost adjustments created when you run the EM Process Cost Allocations form (More)

  • enter beginning balances for equipment during installation startup

  • Updates to Odometers, Hour Meters, and Reading Dates - When posting cost adjustments, updates to equipment odometers, hour meters, and meter reading dates (in EM Equipment) will depend on the update option selected for cost adjustments in EM Company Parameters (Updates tab). For more information about the update options, see Meter Updates: Equipment Usage, Meter Updates: Costs Adj and Parts Posting, and Meter Updates: Fuel Posting.

  • Initialize Reversals - If you have flagged any transactions for ‘auto reversal’, you will need to initialize them into a reversal batch using the EM Initialize Reversal (accessed using the Initialize Reversals option in the File menu). More