About the EM Maintenance Timecard Entry Form

Use this form (accessed from EM Programs menu or by clicking the Time Cards button in EM Work Order Update) to post mechanics’ time for equipment repairs and maintenance work.

You can also post mechanics’ timecards using PR Timecard Entry.

Note: Timecards entered in this program do not currently update Payroll mechanics’ timecards. Costs will only be updated to EM and GL. The rate used to cost the equipment or work order will be the EM Fixed Rate specified for the employee in PR Employees.

The advantages to using this program are:

  • On-screen validation of employee numbers, equipment numbers, work orders, and cost codes, ensure posting accuracy.

  • No confidential information (i.e. pay rates) is accessed; therefore, mechanics can enter their own time on a daily basis as they complete their work.

  • Hours worked can be distributed to both equipment and/or work orders.

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