Initialize Fuel Usage Transactions

You can initialize fuel usage transactions to a batch instead of manually entering each transaction individually.

The advantages to initializing fuel usage transactions are:

  • You can select equipment based on search criteria, such as all of the equipment on a job.

  • Quick data entry. The system provides standard defaults (i.e. equipment, cost code, cost type, usage date, location, and fuel material code) based on information set up for the equipment in EM Equipment.

  1. From the main menu, select Equipment Management > Programs > EM Fuel Posting.
    The Batch Selection form displays.
  2. Create a new batch:
    • Select Create a new batch.
    • In the Batch Month field, enter the batch month.
    • Click OK.
    The EM Fuel Posting form displays.
  3. Select File > Fuel Posting Initialize.
    The EM Fuel Initialize form displays.
  4. In the Usage Date field, enter or select the posting date for all equipment in this batch.
  5. In the IN Loc field, enter the inventory location that provided the fuel or press F4 to select from a list of valid inventory locations. Leave this field blank to include all inventory locations that provided fuel.
  6. In the Post Fuel to Equipment Assigned To section, enter one or more criteria for filtering equipment added to the batch. The more criteria you enter, the more restrictive the selection will be.
  7. Click Refresh.
    The grid is populated with all equipment meeting the selected criteria.
  8. In the Units field for each equipment, enter the fuel usage units.
  9. In the New Odo field for each equipment, enter the odometer reading at the time of refueling.
  10. In the New Hrs field for each equipment, enter the hour meter reading at the time of refueling.
  11. Click Close.
    The system adds the equipment to the batch and you are returned to the EM Fuel Posting form.

    You can now edit transactions as needed in EM Fuel Posting and post the usage batch.