About Revenue Breakdown

Use this tab to define the revenue breakdown codes for each equipment/revenue code combination.

When you add a new revenue code for the equipment, the system automatically sets up default revenue breakdown entries based on the equipment’s category and the revenue breakdown associated with that category. If a single breakdown code exists, it will default the override rate specified for the revenue code. However, if multiple breakdown codes exist, they will default the rates defined for them at the category level (in EM Rev Breakdown – Category). You will need to adjust each rate accordingly until the total breakdown rate equals the revenue code's override rate.


Equipment #: 10101

Revenue Code:  HOURLY

Rate: $85/Hr

Breakdown Code 1: Ownership Cost


Breakdown Code 2: Depreciation Cost


Breakdown Code 3: Fuel Cost


Breakdown Code 4: Maintenance Cost


Sum of Revenue Breakdown Codes


Note: If the breakdown total does not equal the override rate, and you try to save the record or move off the tab, you will receive a warning that the combined total of breakdown rates does not equal the revenue rate and asking if you want to update the revenue rate. Click ‘Yes’ to adjust the equipment's override rate equal to that of the total breakdown rate. Click ‘No’ to adjust the breakdown rates manually to equal the equipment's override rate.