About the EM Allocation Codes Form

Use this form to set up specifications for indirect costs that you incur and wish to allocate out among the various pieces of equipment your company uses.

The cost allocations feature allows you to allocate the costs automatically rather than making adjustment entries to each piece of equipment individually.

For each allocation code you set up, you must define the calculation basis (Costs, Hours, Revenue, or Variable), how allocation should be calculated (by month or by date range), and the allocation amount or rate. Allocations can be set as a specified amount/rate here or as an amount/rate defined by equipment (in EM Equipment) using custom fields.

  • Cost Allocation Overview - Creating and maintaining the allocation codes is the part of the Cost Allocation feature. For more information, see the diagram in Overhead Allocation.

  • Equipment/Departments/Categories to Allocate - Use this section to specify the equipment, departments, and categories to allocate.
    • All – If you select this option, allocations will be based on and applied to all equipment, departments, and/or categories.

    • Assigned – If you select this option, the allocation will be based on and applied to the equipment, departments, and/or categories specified on the Allocation Equipment, Allocation, Departments, and/or Allocation Categories tabs.

    • Prompt For – If you select this option, you will be prompted to specify the equipment, department, and/or category to allocate when processing allocations in EM Process Cost Allocations.

  • Post Options - Use this tab to identify the cost code and cost type to which allocations will be posted, as well as the GL accounts debited and credited when processing cost allocations. For more information, see About Posting Options.