About the EM Allocation Initialize Form

Use this form to initialize cost types, revenue codes, equipment, departments and/or categories for allocation.

Access this form by selecting any of the following options from the File menu of EM Allocation Codes.

Note: Availability of each option depends on the allocation basis or ‘allocate to’ option:

File Menu Option

Allocation Basis

"To Allocate" Option

Initialize Cost Types


Initialize Revenue Codes

Hours or Revenue

Initialize Equipment

Assigned Equipment

Initialize Departments

Assigned Departments

Initialize Categories

Assigned Categories

Upon entry to this form, you are provided with a list of ‘codes’ to initialize. The list of codes available will depend on which option you selected from the File menu (of EM Allocation Codes). Select the codes to initialize using the Shift key for consecutive selection or the Ctrl key for random selection. Then click the Add button to move your selections to the ‘include in allocation’ list. If you are initializing all allocation codes, click the Add All button. Once you have finished selecting codes, click the Update button to begin initialization. This will add selected codes to the related tab in EM Allocation Codes. For example, if you selected to initialize cost types, initialization will add them to the Allocation Cost Type tab.