About the EM Revenue Template Form

Use this form to define different templates that allow charging equipment to different jobs at different usage rates.

Templates allow you to establish the override revenue/usage rates for categories and equipment to use on jobs (as assigned in the EM Job Templates form).

In this form, you define the template name and description, and indicate whether to base rates the rates on a percent of the standard revenue rate or are specific override rates. If you do not assign an override revenue template to a job in EM Job Templates, usage will be charged using the standard category rates (defined in EM Revenue Rates by Category) or equipment rates (defined in EM Revenue Rates by Equipment). If you assign a revenue template to a job, it will be used any time usage is posted to a job.

Deleting a Template

When you delete a template, the system prompts for confirmation that you want the template deleted. If you elect to proceed with the delete, you will receive a second message informing you that rates have been set up by category and/or equipment, and asking you to confirm the delete. Clicking ‘Yes’ will delete the template and its related category/equipment rates; clicking ‘No’ will cancel deletion (rates and template).