About Update Hour Meter

This option can only be used with hour-based revenue codes, and indicates whether the system will automatically update equipment hour meters whenever usage is posted.

If checked, the system will calculate the number of hours based on the number of units entered during usage posting. For example, if you post 2 units to a weekly revenue code that has 40 hours specified as its Hours/Time Unit, the system will calculate this as 80 hours. The 80 hours are then updated to the equipment’s Hour Meter in EM Equipment.

This option applies to all equipment within the specified category. If you wish to override this flag for a specific piece of equipment, you can do so using the EM Revenue Rates by Equipment form.

Note: When posting usage, the system will check only the category and equipment overrides to determine whether to update the equipment’s hour meter. The ‘update hour meter’ flag set at the revenue code level (in EM Revenue Codes) is never considered, as it is used as a default only.

Updates to hour meters are also controlled by the Meter Update options for Equipment Usage in EM Company Parameters. For more information, see Meter Updates: Equipment Usage, Meter Updates: Costs Adj and Parts Posting, and Meter Updates: Fuel Posting.