About Deleting Items on Completion

This option allows you to track non-critical repairs on a piece of equipment.

If you perform routine inspections on a piece of equipment, you can add needed repairs as items in a maintenance group. When the equipment comes into the shop, you can reference the maintenance group on a work order, and as the items are completed, they are deleted from the standard group. If some items are not completed, they remain in the maintenance group until the next time the service is done. This is also useful when a mechanic notices something during a routine inspection that he wants checked on the next service. He can add the item to the maintenance group to ensure that it is taken care of when the next service is performed.

Note: This flag is set at the header level and therefore, does not allow combining items that you want deleted upon completion with items that you do not. You might consider creating a maintenance group designed specifically for items that you want deleted upon completion. Since the header remains for the maintenance group, even after deleting all items, you can add new items as necessary. Once you have set up the special maintenance group, you can link it to any of the standard maintenance groups you have set up for ongoing maintenance.