About Expensing Payroll Burden

EM provides the ability to expense payroll burden by liability type.

Using the Labor tab in EM Company Parameters, you can specify each liability type for which burden expense will be calculated and indicate whether to use actual burden or an override rate.

If you select the Actual Burden option, the system will update the employee's actual labor and burden to EM from payroll. You can also specify an add-on rate to use for calculating the additional mark-up to add on top of burden labor.

If you select the Override Rate option, the system will calculate burden as a rate of the employee's gross pay, using the Burden Rate specified here for the liability type.

You can set up override GL accounts by liability type in EM Departments . If you have set up override GL accounts for any liability type specified here, when updating burden expense from Payroll (mechanics' timecards), those accounts will be used in place of the associated cost type's GL account.