About Linked Groups

This tab allows you to link maintenance groups together.

You will typically use this feature when one maintenance group should always include additional maintenance groups. For example, you have a piece of equipment that you service at 250, 500, and 1,000 hours. At 500 hours, the service includes the items performed at the 250-hour service plus some additional items, and the 1,000-hour service includes the items performed at the 250- and 500-hour services, plus some additional items. You will set up the items for the 250- and 500-hour service once and link them to the other service levels.

Equipment Std Maint Group Linked Maint Group
10101 1 (250-hour service)
10101 2 (500-hour service) 1 (250-hour service)

 3 (1,000-hour service)

 2 (250-hour service)
1 (500-hour service)

When selecting equipment for work order generation in EM Work Order Initialize, the system initializes maintenance groups based on the selection criteria, and the specified days and variances in advance. In addition, how you set the Always Initialize Linked Standard Maintenance Groups check box in EM Company Parameters determines whether the system will include / exclude linked maintenance groups during initialization if they are not due. For more information, see About the Standard Maintenance Group Options.