About Maintenance Scheduling

If you are using the maintenance scheduling feature, you can schedule maintenance for components just as you would for a regular piece of equipment.

Scheduling for components can coincide with that of the primary piece of equipment, or it can differ. However, because scheduled maintenance is based on the equipment’s usage, you must check the Update Hours, Update Miles, and/or Update Fuel boxes for the component (in EM Equipment, Comp/Attach tab) in order for the scheduling feature to work. For example, you might check the Update Miles box for the tire components and check the Update Hours box for the engine component. Although usage is not posted directly to a component, the hours, miles, and/or fuel will be updated as applicable for the component when usage is posted to the primary piece of equipment.

Fuel usage is updated by adding the additional units to the Fuel Used for each component flagged for fuel update. Hours and miles are updated by adding the difference between the old reading and the new reading of the equipment to the component meter.


Equip/Component Update Miles Old Odometer Reading New Odometer Reading
Equipment 10101 n/a 65,000 66,000 (66,000 - 65,000 = 1,000)
Component 100 (Transmission) Yes
 5,000 6,000 (5,000 + 1,000 = 6,000)
Component 200 (Engine) No 0 0