About Meters/Fuel Usage

The Meters tab on the EM Equipment form is used to set up hour meter, odometer, and fuel usage tracking for equipment.

Once initially set up, this information is maintained by the system through using related posting programs.

The hour meter and odometer settings are maintained using the EM Meter Readings form or, depending on update options selected in EM Company Parameters, during equipment usage posting (in EM, MS, or PR), cost adjustments and parts posting (EM), and/or fuel posting (EM). Although you can update meter information directly in this form, it is not recommended as it does not provide a historical record of hours and units entered.

You also have the ability to handle the replacement of hour meters and odometers. The Replaced Meter Reading and Replacement Date fields are used to enter the total sum of the readings from all replaced meters, as well as the last date the meter was replaced. Although these fields are not updated by the system, all maintenance checks will sum the current meter plus the replaced meter to get the current hours/miles on the equipment.

If you are tracking the fuel consumption on your equipment, you can initially set up the amount of fuel used on a piece of equipment, as well as the last date fuel was posted to the equipment, on this tab. Then when posting fuel usage (in EM Fuel Posting), the system will automatically update these fields with the appropriate information.