About the EM Parts Copy Form

Use this form to copy parts from one piece of equipment to another piece of equipment or a category of equipment.

Access this form by selecting the Copy Equipment Parts option from the File menu of EM Equipment Parts.

  • Copy From/Copy To - The ‘copy from’ equipment automatically defaults from the equipment specified in EM Equipment Parts. However, you can copy the parts from any piece of equipment (component or equipment type). The equipment to which you are copying parts can be a specific piece or equipment or a category of equipment. Additional inputs are enabled depending on the ‘copy to equipment’ option you select.
  • Append or Replace - This section allows you to specify whether to append or replace parts. If you select to 'Add New Parts Only', the copy process will add only those parts that do not already exist for the destination equipment. If you select to 'Replace Existing Parts', the copy process will overwrite all existing parts with the new parts. Once you have entered the copy criteria, press the Copy button to implement the copy process.