Adjust the Meter Readings - Meter Grid Udpate Method

Adjust meter readings using the meter grid update method.

Adjust the Meter Readings - Meter Grid Update Method

  1. In the Meter Grid Update section (below grid), select Delete to delete meter readings or Recalculate to adjust meter readings.
  2. If you selected the Delete option, review the transactions in the grid to make sure they are ones you really want to delete. If not, adjust as necessary and then click the Delete Meter Readings button. You are done.

    If you selected the Recalculate option, move on to step c.

  3. From the drop-down menu to the right of the Recalculate field, select one of the following actions: 1 - New Meter Reading, 2 - Adjust Meter Reading, 3 - New Replaced Meter Reading, 4 - Adjust Replaced Meter Reading.
  4. If you selected option 1 or 3, use the Meter field to enter the new meter reading. If you selected option 2 or 4, use the Meter field to enter the amount (may be positive or negative) by which to adjust all readings in the grid.
  5. Click Preview. The system updates meter readings in the grid accordingly.

  6. Review the changes and make any necessary adjustments (via manual entry in grid or by clicking Undo and entering new meter/adjustment value).
  7. Once adjustments are to your satisfaction, click Update Meter Readings (button below grid).