Change Equipment Code

Change the code for a piece of equipment.

  1. In the Old Equipment field, specify the existing code. Press Tab or Enter to move off the field.
    • The system runs a check to see if the code you are trying to change is already in the process of being changed by another user. If it is, a message displays telling you it is being changed and you cannot go any further. The message will also indicate the new equipment number and the user changing it.
    • If the code is not in the process of being changed, the system then runs a check to determine if the equipment code exists in any open batches and displays a warning if it does. The Open Batch List displays the open batches in which the equipment exists. You must post all the batches before you can change the equipment’s code.
    • If the equipment does not exist in any open batches, the Table List tab defaults and lists all tables in which the code exists, as well as the number of records in each table.
  2. In the New Equipment field, enter the new equipment code.
The Change button is enabled.
  3. Click the Change button to implement the equipment code change. 
The program will cycle through all listed tables, changing the equipment code on all records referencing the old equipment code. When the update is complete, a message displays indicating the code change is complete and giving you the option to change another code.
    Note: Although the Equipment Master table (EMEM) is not displayed in the Table List, it is automatically updated with the new equipment code.