Set up an EM Company

You will need to set up each of the companies in which you will be creating equipment work orders, capturing equipment usage and cost, entering timecards, and tracking meter readings and equipment depreciation.

Note: Each EM company you set up here must first be set up in the Headquarters (HQ) module.

Follow the steps below to set up an Equipment Management company in EM Company Parameters. For information specific to each field on the form, see the F1 help.

  1. Open the EM Company Parameters form.
  2. In the EM Co field, enter the HQ company you wish to set up as an EM company or press F4 to select from a list of valid HQ companies.
  3. Use the Info tab to set up the default companies for updates, default fuel cost code and cost type, depreciation settings, etc.
  4. On the Work Orders tab, set up information related to equipment work orders, such as beginning work order and part statues, work order numbering options, and standard maintenance group options.
  5. Use the Labor tab to enter burden expense update types and rates by liability type.
  6. On the Usage tab, select the GL interface level for usage update, and enter the journal to update and usage defaults.
  7. Use the Adjustments tab to select the GL interface level for adjustments and enter the journal to update.
  8. On the Parts tab, select the GL interface level for parts posting, enter the GL journal and miscellaneous parts account to update, and set other parts-related options.
  9. Use the Audit Options tab to select which data you will track in the HQ Master Audit table when adding, changing, or deleting data in EM.
  10. On the Updates tab, select how you will update meters for equipment usage, cost adjustments and parts posting, fuel posting, as well as how you will update jobs and locations for equipment usage.
  11. Use the Workflow tab to set up the workflow processes used by EM.
  12. Use the Notes tab to enter any notes specific to this company.
  13. Click Save.