About the EM Work Order Display Form

Use this form (accessed from the EM Programs menu or by clicking the Show Work Orders button in EM Work Order Edit) to view active or historical work orders.

The selection options allow you to filter the work orders to view. You can show work orders for equipment assigned to a specific JC company and job, location, department, a specific piece of equipment or equipment category, or work orders assigned to a specific mechanic or shop. You can also restrict display based on a range of Created, Due, or Scheduled dates, or specify to show only ‘active’ work orders or all work orders, regardless of status. Once you have selected your criteria, click the Refresh button to populate the grid with all work orders meeting the specified criteria. You may repeat the process as necessary; however, be aware that each time you change the criteria, existing records are cleared and the grid is populated with work orders meeting the new criteria.