About the EM Work Order Status Codes Form

Use this form to set up and define status codes that categorize the progress of work order items.

For example:

  • Pending

  • In Progress

  • On Hold

  • Complete

  • Canceled

For each status code you define, you must indicate the status type. Status types are as follows:

  • Normal – No special handling is required. Use this status type for ‘beginning’ and ‘in progress’ status codes.

  • Final – Represents completion or final disposition of a work order item. Work order items with this type of status are eligible for deletion.

  • Parts – Generally used when a work order item requires parts and you want the work order status to show on the Parts reports.

Once set up, you can assign status codes to work orders and update the status as work progresses. You should designate one of these status codes as the default ‘Beginning WO Status’ in EM Company Parameters. The system will automatically assign this status to all newly created work orders.