About the EM Work Order Update Form

Use this form to update the status of work order items.

You can update the status for work order items simultaneously using the EM Work Order Item Update form (accessed by clicking Update All button), or change the status of work order items individually using the grid below. For information about using the Update All feature, see Related Topics below.

Note: To close a range of open work orders simultaneously, use the EM Work Order Mass Update form.

You can update the mechanic, status, and repair type for any item on a work order. However, you will only be able to enter the completion date and hour/odometer readings if you assigned a ‘final’ status to the item. (Final status codes are those set up in EM Work Order Status Codes where Status Type is Final. You can see the type for the assigned status code in the Type column to the right of the Status Code column in the grid.)

If you assign a ‘final’ status to a scheduled maintenance item, the completion date and meter readings update the Last Done fields in EM Standard Maintenance Groups (meter readings are not updated in EM Equipment). The system compares this completion data against the equipment’s actual meter to create the scheduled maintenance reports.

Note: Although you can change the odometer and hour meter readings in this program, the recommended method is to change them using the EM Meter Readings program (accessible by clicking Meters button above).

Entering an odometer or hour meter reading that exceeds the last reading for the equipment will display a message indicating the odometer or hour meter value exceeds the last reading on record for the equipment, and that you can update the current reading by clicking the ‘Meters’ button.

This form provides access to EM Maintenance Timecard Entry, EM Work Order Edit, EM Work Order Parts Posting, and EM Meter Readings.