About the Update All WO Items Section

Use this section to specify what information to update to all items on the work order. You can update the mechanic, repair type, and status code. If you update the status and select a 'final' status code (one with Status Type of Final in PM Status Codes), you can also update the completion date, current odometer, and current hours. For work order items associated with scheduled maintenance, the completion date and meter readings at completion time will update the Last Done Hours and/or Miles fields in EM Standard Maintenance Groups. The system compares this completion data against the equipment’s actual meter to create the scheduled maintenance reports.

Note: If a work order contains a mix of items with and without components, the screen displays the following message below the Curr Hours field:

Mixed WO Items. Cannot update Equipment and Component Meters

Although the system will allow entering a final status and completion date, both the Curr Odo and Curr Hours fields will be disabled.